CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and Tax Advisors

Williams Actuarial Group helps CPAs, tax attorneys and other tax advisors whose clients want to maximize their tax-deferred savings by sponsoring a defined benefit pension plan.

Why sponsor a defined benefit pension plan?
Because of a number of recent changes in federal laws, the defined benefit pension plan has become an attractive way for a small business owner to build tax-deferred savings.

  • Small business owners over age 40 can contribute more to defined benefit plans than to 401(k)/profit sharing plans.
  • Small business owners can maximize tax-deferred savings by contributing to both types of plans.
  • Maximum annual contributions:

  • - Defined benefit pension plan: $50,000 - $170,000 (roughly)
    - 401(k)/profit sharing plan for 2020: $57,000 + $6,500 if age 50 or older

  • As with a 401(k) plan, benefits accumulate on a tax-deferred basis until they are paid at retirement, termination of employment or termination of the plan. Generally, benefits are paid in a lump sum distribution and may be rolled over to an IRA.

Feasibility study. We help you identify the small business owner who would benefit most from a defined benefit pension plan and design the plan that best meets the client's needs. You already understand the small business owner's business needs and objectives, which greatly facilitates the design process. Once the final plan design is determined, we work with you to perform a cost/benefit analysis. This step allows you to evaluate the effect of the plan before recommending it to your client. Request a feasibility study for your client.

Comprehensive services. Williams Actuarial Group provides all the services your client needs to design, implement and maintain a pension plan in a way that maximizes your client's tax-deferred savings. We do not provide investment advice or offer investment products. We are paid for our services directly by our clients and receive no other form of compensation related to the plan.

Custom plan design. Our plan design is tailored to your client's needs. Whether it is a cash balance plan for a large law firm or a traditional plan for a physician in solo practice, we design the best plan for your client.

Setting realistic client expectations. Sponsoring a defined benefit pension plan means assuming the long-term financial liability for providing a certain level of pension benefits. When considering whether the plan is appropriate, it is important that the small business owner understand the commitment that comes with sponsoring such a plan. We help educate your client to ensure a good decision is made.

Satisfied clients. We understand the importance of maintaining the best relationship with your client. By providing expert service on a proactive basis, we become the client's business partner who trusts we will take care of the company's benefit plan. Your relationship is strengthened because your client's needs are met through quality actuarial services.

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